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Is This the Beginning of Jealousy?

It was a really long explanation. Very very long and boring explanation if you asked Shadow but he thought it was fair deal for this hedgehog who called himself as Zonic to know the situation that they are in right now. But of course, Sonic did all of the talking to Zonic while Shadow just stood there behind his rival. Shadow didn't know how long the time passed but he knew one thing... he was really getting tired and the pain from different parts of his body, not to mention the lack of his energy, became worse. In the beginning, Shadow listened to Sonic's story telling to Zonic about why they had to travel through different dimensions and why they were in this world in the first place. The black hedgehog began to lose his focus when Sonic drifted off to Mephiles and why Mephiles looks a lot like Shadow. Shadow's visions were not very focused at this point and he was worried that he could collapse in any second.

'There is no way I'm going to lose conscious while these two are here,' Shadow mentally hit himself to stay awake. If there was one thing Shadow hated was when he reveals his listless side to other people. Shadow had to admit, he did care a little about first impression and maintaining his image.

The black hedgehog shifted his attention from Sonic's mouth to Zonic who had his arms crossed just like how he was doing.

'Zone cop huh...' Shadow thought about how Zonic introduced himself eariler.

Zonic wore what seemed like a red suit which was the perfect fit to his body, There was a yellow belt that wrapped around his thin waist and he also had some kind of protection for his shoulders as well. Zonic's gloves were not white like what Sonic and Shadow were wearing. It was a dark purple and the material was rubber. The helmet that sat beside Zonic was green but there were no covering on the back of the helmet which was to make some rooms for his large blue quills. On the right side of Zonic's red suit, there was a yellow pocket for a weird shaped looking gun while on his left side, there was a smaller pocket, probably for handcuff that Zonic revealed earlier to Sonic and Shadow.

'He looks exactly like Sonic but with a uniform,' Shadow noted to himself, 'Not to mention he doesn't seem to have the hyperactive personality like this talking hedgehog.'

"I do see why you guys need to continue to travel through different dimensions," said Zonic and this brought back Shadow's attention for a brief moment,

"Yeah, but that's the problem. That portal Mephiles made looks like an obvious trap for us to follow and I don't really want to take a huge risk and all. But-" Sonic emphasized, "if Shadow and I have two chaos emerald then we could use chaos control to travel through different worlds easily," Sonic snapped his finger.

"And if you don't mind me asking Sonic prime," Zonic uncrossed his arms, "What is this chaos emerald that you keep mentioning about?"

"Wow that's another long story but I can keep it pretty short for you," Sonic laughed a little, "so basically there are seven of these emeralds that have what's known as chaos energy..."

Shadow was now at his limits. His ears failed to catch any hearings which frustrated the black hedgehog even more as he started to gently sway back and forth. Shadow touched his forehead with his hand, hoping that his visions would start to focus again but it was no use. He could feel every last bit of energy running out even with the purple chaos emerald in his hand.

'I need a short break...' Shadow took a deep breath, 'even with this emerald in my hand I'm not getting much of the chaos energy... I need to rest... now-'

Zonic, who observed Shadow awfully with his keen eyes while Sonic talked about these chaos emerald, noticed right away that something was wrong with Shadow.

"Sonic prime is your friend doing okay?" there was a hint of concern in Zonic's voice.

"I forgot! Shadow we should go and bring back your...Shadow!"

As soon as Sonic turned around, Shadow's eyes were already tightly closed as he fell forward. Before the unconscious hedgehog's body hit the cold castle floor, Zonic managed to catch him on time and narrowed his eyes to figure what made Shadow suddenly faint,

"What's wrong with him? I don't see any injuries," Zonic shook Shadow a little.

"I'm such an idiot!" Sonic stomped his feet and the sound echoed through out the empty building, "I'll explain later but right now we need to retrieve Shadow's power ring!"

"The... power rings?" Zonic raised one of his eye in confusion. He looked back at Shadow again but the only thing he saw was the reflection of his worst criminal Zhadow. Zonic was so used to with fighting and trying to catch Zhadow every time when he saw the black hedgehog freeing the inmates in his prison that when he saw Shadow peacefully in his arms, it was just so strange to him. Zonic didn't know why but this made him smile a little.

"Yeah he needs those! It's like they're his life line!" Sonic said with his urgent voice.

"Where are these power rings then?" Zonic's eyes were still on to Shadow until he saw something white flashing back and forth right in front of his face.

"Hello Zonic~" Sonic waved his hand in front of Zonic's eyes, "His rings are in this costume store that Shadow and I went to. We went through this trade system and... the point is we have to get it back without causing too much fussing if you know what I mean."

Zonic quickly wore his helmet and picked up fainted Shadow in a bridal style. Just then, Sonic didn't know why but he started to feel a little uncomfortable. All Zonic did was helping Shadow in his unconscious state but something The blue hedgehog unknowingly frowned a little as he realized that something stirred inside him and it was definitely not a positive emotion.

"I'll hold your friend, Sonic prime," Zonic said with his eyes covered behind the helmet, "Led the way. I think I can help you guys to get this... ring back."

"A-alright Zonic," Sonic still had a discomfort look on his face expression a little and it took a few seconds for him to regain his composure again. Sonic was so confused why he was getting this weird feeling all of the sudden. The blue hedgehog looked at Zonic and also Shadow who was safely in his arms.

'It's not like Zonic is doing anything bad to Shadow... why am I getting so worked up for-'

"Sonic prime," Zonic interrupted Sonic's thought.

"W-what is it, pal?" Sonic perked up his eyes and blinked a few times.

"Don't you dare go fast on me," Zonic rolled his eyes and gave a faint smile, "Even if we have the same characteristic you know that I don't have the same talent as you do."

"Don't worry~" Sonic chuckled and gave a thumbs up, "How could I forget the time when I first met you? You were in that Zone cop car! I was pretty surprised that you didn't chase down the criminal with your two feet."

"Very well, I'm glad you remember that little incident," said Zonic, "Let's hurry before something awful happens to your friend."

With that, Sonic decided to lead the way by jogging while he had Zonic following along right behind him.

"Shadow the hedgehog..." Zonic whispered, "If you're friends with Sonic then.I guess in your world, you're not as mean as someone I know," Zonic sighed.

Zonic could still remember the time when Zhadow suddenly had a change in his attitude and decided to quit the career as a zone cop. He and Zhadow had very similar traits in both physical ways and also for the personality. The two hedgehogs were very silent and didn't show a lot of smiles to other members of the zone cop but when they were alone, they talked a lot and laughed a couple of time. Well, it was mostly Zonic doing all the talk while Zhadow quietly listened but the black hedgehog enjoyed Zonic's company. When they were on missions to catch wanted criminals, Zonic and Zhadow were always the perfect partners. They could literally communicate just with their eyes which showed to other cop members how strong their bonds were. That is until Zhadow decided to take the road of the villain.

"Zhadow... you... I don't understand..." Zonic remembered when he was trying to persuade Zhadow to stay, "Did you not like it here? Did something happen between you and the zone cop head administer y?"

"It's not your business to know," Zhadow replied and threw his helmet harshly to the metal floor. The helmet rolled until it touched Zonic's green shoes.

"How.. how can you just say it like that?!" Zonic narrowed his eyes, "So all these time when I was spending my time with you those were just-"

"You were a good comrade, Zonic but don't take it too seriously, outside of our duty we are not friends."

"Zhadow.. why you...!"

"Hey Zonic!"


"Zonic!" Sonic tapped Zonic, "We're here. This is the costume place. Hey are you alright? Don't tell me you got tired just from that small walking distance," Sonic tried to lighten up the mood.

"Sorry about spacing out on you," Zonic sighed, "Your friend just remind me of someone..."

"Zhadow, I'm guessing," said Sonic, "Relax, Shadow is not bad like how you described Zhadow. Now about the ring, I think they're are inside but the owner seems to be out from the store. He probably ran away when he heard some explosions from the castle, heheh."

"I'm assuming you don't want to break into his property, correct?" Zonic placed Shadow gently on to the grass.

"No way, he didn't do anything wrong!" Sonic eyed Shadow for any sign of pain before he continued, "So you have any idea how to get inside?"

Right when Sonic finished talking, Zonic the Zone Cop already had his gun looking device out and positioned it right in front of the window.

"Wait! Didn't you hear what I said!" Sonic jumped, "I don't want to break this-"

"I understood your words clearly, Sonic prime," Zonic closed one of his eyes and pressed on to the gun, "Just watch."

In an instant, there was a portal created right onto the window which was a doorway to the inside of the costume store. Zonic had a stoic face since he did this bunch of times while Sonic's eyes sparkled at amazement.

"Wow you can make portals without using chaos emeralds?!" Sonic said with excitement, "Your universe is awesome!"

"Yes well." Zonic glanced back at Shadow for few seconds, "Hurry and retrieve the power rings first, Sonic prime."

"Right! Be back in a flash!" said Sonic as he raced into the portal which lead him to the inside of the store.

"Judging by your speed, you should be back in a-"

"Ta-da~!" Sonic had two golden rings in each of his hand.

"Flash," Zonic smiled, "So, you you just have to put the rings on to him?"

"Yeah uh... I'll do it since I know where these things go..." Sonic walked over to Shadow and placed the power rings on both of his arms. "And I'll just put this emerald here," Sonic took out the purple emerald that Shadow dropped when he fainted from deep inside his quills and placed it next to Shadow.

"Hope your friend wakes up soon," Zonic sat down on the grass and took of his helmet again.

"He's Life form," Sonic made a quotation mark and after that pet Shadow gently knowing he would never have this opportunity again (not to mention Shadow would kill him he if find out that Sonic just did this), "He should be waking up shortly."

The blue hero also lied down with his back on to the soothing grass to stare at the light purple knight sky right. There was a breeze which caused the leaves in the trees to fall but it was not cold enough to bring Sonic to have chills. As the aroma in the air started to fill up with pumpkins, probably from the garden that was near the costume store, Sonic's quills finally relaxed and his body system started to engage Sonic to a sleeping mode. Sonic felt his eye lids getting heavier and heavier. He didn't really eat after breakfast technically and couldn't get a decent sleep since Amy bugged him lately about how they should spend every minutes together.

'A short nap couldn't hurt...' Sonic rewarded himself as he drifted off to the dream world.

How long was Sonic in his dream world?

"Hold still," Sonic heard Zonic's stern voice out of nowhere.

"I don't think y-you know what are you doing," Shadow winced a little.

'What are they talking about?' Sonic was curious but for some strange reason, he couldn't open his eyes. Was he still dreaming perhaps?

"I know exactly what I'm doing, Shadow the Hedgehog," said Zonic but with more softly this time.

"Then why does it hurt more than before?" Shadow gave out a quiet moan.

'Wait what?! What is Zonic doing to Shadow?' Sonic thought to himelf as his mind raced to search for a possible and reasonable answer, 'something sounds a little off...'

"This is because your are all tensed. You have to relax your muscles or this is just going to hurt even more," Zonic's voice sounded more like a command at this point.

"If I have harder time walking later you'll regret doing this on me," Shadow hissed to give a red flag to Zonic. Few moments later, Sonic heard Shadow's moan a little louder this time.

'Don't tell me they... he... Shadow and Zonic are...!' This was it. Sonic just had to wake up right now before something... something unthinkable happens!

"Shadow!' Sonic immediately stood up from the grass and his eyes were wide open. The emerald green eyes searched and found exactly what he was looking for. There was Shadow with a slightly irritated and pained look on his face expression sitting on the grass and Zonic was also right beside him.

"Zonic what are you...uh... doing...?" Sonic tilted his head.

"Your friend is trying to fix my leg," Shadow rolled his eyes while Zonic continued to what seemed like massaging Shadow's right leg.

"Shadow couldn't move his right leg correctly when he woke up," Zonic stated flatly as he pressed on of the joint that made Shadow tense a little

"Shadow I thought your leg was all better at this point?" Sonic just stood there but didn't enjoy the idea of Zonic being too close with Shadow.

"My leg wasn't completely healed. It was still in the processor recovering but when I start to lose some energy during the battle with Mephiles, I guess the recovering system shut down on me."

"His muscle in the right leg went through a slight paralysis but after this treatment, he should be able to walk soon enough," Zonic tapped Shadow's leg before standing up.

Shadow also stood up next to Zonic and tried moving his right leg muscle a few times. 'I'm actually impressed how he fixed me up so quickly...' Shadow thought to himself. 'The pain alleviated a little as well.'

"Thanks..." Shadow murmured and this caught Sonic's attention right away.

'Did.. Did Shadow just used a word that he never used before? In front of Zonic?! I helped him a bunch of times and he never thanked me! Not that I care but still!' Sonic fumed inside but of course, he had to act like it was no big deal.

"You seem a lot nicer than a certain inmate hedgehog that I know," Zonic smirked while he crossed his arms "Good to see that you don't have similar personality like him."

"So, now that he's all better and got his rings back, I guess we'll be off to collect those chaos emeralds then," Sonic rushed and stepped between where Shadow and Zonic was standing.

"But Sonic prime, I don't know how you're going to travel through different worlds. Don't you think you might need some assistance?" asked Zonic.

"Assistance? It's cool Zonic, we have things under control here. I'm sure Shadow and I can figure out a way eventually," Sonic waved his hands and hoped that Zonic would just return to his world. Sonic never really hated Zonic but just for now, he didn't want Zonic to be around any longer.

"By assistance do you mean you would help us travel through dimensions?" Shadow showed a slight interest. Sonic sighed a deep breath and Zonic looked at the blue hedgehog in confusion before replying.

"I am the Zone cop after all," Zonic took out the gun looking device again, "With this I can travel from zones to zones. If I can get sample of Mephiles' DNA I could probably track where he is, also. It's really not that big of a deal."

"Like it or not, he seems to have the tool that we need to make this mission a little easier," Shadow turned to Sonic.

Sonic looked down and thought for a second. It was pretty obvious that having Zonic around for a while until they collected two emerald to use massive chaos control would be a good idea. Sonic should be thankful that Zonic even offered this in the first place! The blue hedgehog looked at both Shadow and Zonic as they seemed to be having yet another conversation. Ever since Zonic came into the picture and kept talking to the black hedgehog, Sonic felt left out a little. Or maybe this was all in his head?

'Sure looks like Shadow is enjoying Zonic's company,' thought Sonic, 'Maybe... he just thinks Zonic is less... eh... annoying.'

"Sure," Sonic whispered but this caught both of the hedgehog's attention.

"Why so down Sonic prime?" Zonic gave a slight hint of worried expression on his face. It was not everyday that you see a hyperactive hedgehog in a melancholy mood.

"Tired already?" Shadow referred to Sonic and the hero couldn't tell if Shadow was just playing around with him or if Shadow was being serious.

"N-no, hehheh I guess I am a little tired than I thought," Sonic quickly smiled when he realized that the situation was beginning to get awkward. Sonic opened his mouth to speak again but closed them when Zonic made a hand gesture to speak.

"I understand that this mission is important but even you guys need to rest," Zonic placed his helmet back on and opened a portal using his device, "Why don't you guys stay at my headquarter until tomorrow? I can give my workloads to my subordinates while I give you guys some helping hands."

"I don't really need resting but I'm assuming he does," Shadow pointed at Sonic.

"Well sorry for not being an artificial hedgehog," Sonic rolled his eyes.

"You are also a result from a science experiment?" Zonic was a little surprised and when he saw Shadow nod he continued, "It's because Zhadow was also created by an unknown scientist who tried to produce an immortal being."

"That explains why you guys still couldn't capture him," Shadow smirked and felt t somewhat proud that his counter part from another dimension was not captured yet. Even though Zonic told him that his alternate version from another world is a villain, Shadow still wanted to meet this hedgehog in person to see how close their similarities are and perhaps test their abilities as well.

"Hey~~! Aren't you guys coming in or what?!" Sonic yelled and once he got both of the hedgehog's attention, Sonic jumped into the portal that Zonic created first without looking back.

"Shall we?" Zonic allowed Shadow to go in first before he entered.

(No Zone)

When Sonic and Shadow entered the new world, a place where Zonic the Zone cop lives, they had to admit everything looked really like a upgraded future. There were cars without wheels traveling in various directions (some directions did not seem normal to both hedgehogs). The buildings had all sorts of shapes such as triangles, pyramids and even circular looking shapes! The sky color was a light orange color with a lot of stars that were blue colors. both of the hedgehog also saw other zone cops with similar uniform with Zonic walking around and having conversations. Some of them waved a simple high to Zonic where the head zone cop replied with a simple nod.

"This is No Zone and if you didn't notice, the only people you see are the zone cop officers," Zonic explained as they walked inside a huge building, "I guess you can say this is a station where we keep the inmates, resting place for cops and keeping other dimensions monitored."

"Woah... this is pretty cool place if you ask me," Sonic whistled and kept his head high to observe all the strange looking buildings and the beautiful sky.

Shadow paced himself a little and managed to walk right next to Zonic, leaving Sonic behind him.

"If you don't mind me asking, why do you attach prime to his name?" Shadow referred to Sonic.

Shadow could only see reflection of himself through Zonic's helmet so he couldn't really see Zonic's face expression. The only thing that Shadow was able to see was Zonic's mouth and partially his nose.

"In other zones, there are others that look really similar to Sonic, including myself. But it turns out that we receive our similarities from Sonic... well the similarities only include the characteristics and not the personality."

"I can see the why..." Shadow trailed off. It would be such a pain if all the other Sonics from different worlds had the exact personality as the Faker. All of them would be running around and doing something stupid out of nowhere, in Shadow's opinion.

"We don't really know why this happens but it was concluded that our characteristics derived from the main source which is Sonic the Hedgehog. When I first met him, I wanted to acknowledge him that he was..well... special. I guess you can call him the original. So it became a habit of me calling him like that."

"Does he mind?" Shadow glanced back to see Sonic looking around like a small child who went into the amusement park for the first time. Sonic spun around once with his head focused to the tall building and this caused him to almost trip. Almost.

"I don't think so. He would have told me if it did."

"Interesting... I'm curious to see this Zhadow myself now that I met you," Shadow commented.

"You don't want to see him," Zonic's tone became even darker and Shadow could tell that even the mention of Zhadow pissed Zonic to some degree. Was his alternate hedgehog that horrible and created nothing but destruction?

"What is your relationship with Sonic?" Zonic changed the topic and this caught Shadow a little off guard.

"Why do you ask?" Shadow's face expression remained stoic.

"Well... " Zonic touched his gloves as a distraction and Shadow saw that Zonic was being a little uncomfortable, "Zhadow and I were... not always... like this."

"You mean you guys were not enemies?"

"Let's just keep this simple," Zonic was glad that his eyes were masked behind his helmet, "I'm just curious to know if you guys have any better relationship than we do."

Shadow had to let this question sink in to him before saying anything. He never had a time to actually analyze his relationship between him and the blue hedgehog. Sure they have some small fights and race once in a while not to mention Sonic seems to enjoy his company as. Compared to the first time when those two hedgehogs met, which was the ARK incident, they were able to put their enemy line aside and became more of a friendly rivals. Sonic kept calling Shadow his friend or a buddy and even though Shadow stated countless of time he is not in Sonic's so called friend list, Shadow also liked when Sonic, out of nowhere, came to visit him once in a while. Sonic changed his life a lot and made it rather interesting.

"He's just..." Shadow was never too good with his words or expressing his thoughts out loud, "another hedgehog that tags along with me where ever I go," Shadow shrugged. "There were some incidents where he just pops out of no where and helps me with my missions," Shadow thought about the Black Doom invasion, "and randomly decides to follow me to see what I'm up to," the flash back of Sonic facing his fear of water just to tag along flashed in his memory.

"I see, so are you guys close friends, perhaps?" Zonic kept pushing his question.

"Like I said, he is just another hedgehog that tags along with me where ever I go," Shadow repeated the exact same sentence again.

Sonic was too busy looking around this place called No Zone so he didn't really hear the whole talk between Shadow and Zonic but he regretted when he decided to pay attention in the last minute. Sonic heard the very last sentence that Shadow said to Zonic.

'Just another hedgehog huh...?' Sonic suddenly felt bad, 'am I that annoying for Shadow? I mean... he's getting along so well with Zonic. He even started the whole conversation with Zonic in the first place!'

Sonic's started to slow down his walking speed as he fell deeper into his thought, 'I thought Shadow just hates admitting that I am his friend but if he really thinks I'm just some another stranger tagging along with him then... maybe he really does hate my guts,' Sonic sighed. His mouth began to go dry and a huge wave of disappointment rushed through the blue hedgehog's head.

'I guess it sucks to realize how the person who you really think is important doesn't feel the same way,' Sonic smiled and tried to give himself a pat on the back. But he thought he did so many things to please Shadow, at least Shadow could acknowledge that! This situation was kind of similar with him and Amy. Even though Sonic told Amy that currently he doesn't feel the strong bond that Amy claims she feels towards him, the pink hedgehog said she will never give up and someday win his heart. Now Sonic appreciated the enthauasim that Amy continues to show and even though it sometimes stressed him out a little, he tried to treat Amy a little more special because she was working so hard to win his love someday. At least Sonic cares about Amy so what about Shadow? Sonic did so many things to help Shadow when he was clearly in need and tried to make Shadow's life a little less blue by asking him for a friendly race on in a while. But the black hedgehog just never seems to open up for him.

'He says thanks to Zonic but never to me...?' Sonic thought about the event that happened few moments ago. He knew that he was being a little childish and not like the Sonic that everyone knows but he couldn't help to get over with this- well you can call it a shock. Sonic's eyes dropped to the yellow cemented floor and his stomach felt strange. Why did Sonic care so much about Shadow recognizing him as someone important or even a simple friend in the first place?

'I need a run... or... at least away from them for a while.." Sonic told himself and stopped following Zonic and Shadow.

Zonic realized that he stopped hearing footsteps behind him and turned around.

"Sonic prime, aren't you coming?" Zonic had a hand motion to join him and Shadow.

Shadow just stood there but he noticed that something was definitely wrong with Sonic. The blue hedgehog looked like he just entered a huge swimming pool and had his energies drained out. Sonic's quills were more stropped down than usual and even his tails, usually curled upward, were flat down.

"I.. I just need a run to... to..." Sonic's emerald eye looked around to come up with an excuse, "to explore this place more!" Sonic chuckled, "You guys know how I am with running around and seeing new stuff. I'll be back before the sun goes down don't worry about it!"

'Why is his voice a little shaky? Sounds like he's nervous about something..?' Shadow noted himself.

"Go ahead Sonic prime," Zonic smiled and gave a small card with his name and number on it. "When you come into this building, just tell them that I sent you to my room. They should be able to escort you there."

"Thanks Zonic, always so organized and thinking ahead I see," Sonic continued to hold the fake smile on his face and took the card out of Zonic's hand gently, "Well then I'll be off then~~ See you~~"

And in a flash Sonic was gone in a speed of sound. Shadow blinked a few moment. It clearly looked more like Sonic was running away from them and not like he was going for a run.

"Actually I think I have to check on him as well," Shadow quickly told Zonic, "I don't want him to get lost or do anything stupid while he's here."

"I completely understand, Shadow," Zonic sighed but Shadow did have a good point, "You go ahead and take care of Sonic for a while but remember to come back before the sun goes down. At night we have new cops doing their training so I don't want you guys to get in trouble with them."

"Right," said Shadow and he followed the path that Sonic took few seconds ago.

"If only Zhadow was a little more like you..Shadow..." Zonic whispered and went inside the building.

Sonic managed to find a really high place in one of the building that looked-well-normal. It was the only rectangle shaped building that he was able to find but this had exactly 70 floors. Sonic didn't take the elevator but he he ran along the outside of the building in 90 degrees until he reached the top floor.

The blue hedgehog sat down on the edge of the building and thought about what Shadow said again and again.

"Maybe I should have let Shadow chaos control me back to my world so I can just meet up with Tails and Knuckles," said Sonic and stroked one of his large blue quill behind him. That was one habit that Sonic had which not a lot of people knew about. When he was feeling down or depressed, Sonic tends to reach into his back quills and ran along them with his hand. He had to be careful not to cut himself but it felt nice and soothing. This was one method that Sonic used to calm himself down.

"Why am I so... getting worked up with his...?" Sonic asked himself but he didn't expect a response behind him.

"Why are you getting so worked up?"

Sonic jumped and really he was only few inches away from falling off the building but he caught his balance just in time.

"S-Shadow?!" Sonic was really surprised and his perked up even more.

"What are you doing? You might fall if you stand that close to the edge," said Shadow and he came to pull Sonic back a little.

"I know... I just like doing dangerous stuff," Sonic chuckled but his eyes were nowhere near Shadow's presence.

"What's wrong? You seem a little strange ever since Zonic came."

"What do you mean?" Sonic released his hand from Shadow's grasp and turned his head around to he wouldn't be facing the black hedgehog.

"You are not acting like yourself."

'Wow... Shadow really doesn't go around the bush huh?' Sonic thought while he ran his hand through his quill one more time before answering.

"I'm just tired that's all."

"The hedgehog I know doesn't get tired too easily," said Shadow and he turned Sonic around. "Really, what's wrong? Are you hurt? Did something happen while I was out cold?"

Sonic blinked a couple of times and his face turned slightly red when he realized that both of Shadow's hands were tightly on his shoulder. This was actually the first time Shadow showed some type of worries towards him. Maybe Sonic was really acting too weird after all.

"Shadow I don't know what you're talking about," Sonic smiled and placed his hand on Shadow's arm, giving him a signal that the black hedgehog should really drop this subject. "Can't a hedgehog rest in peace once in a while? I'm not always that active you know~ But hey, thanks for asking!"

"You don't sound like yourself. Are you worried about your friends? If you want to return to them, I can still use chaos control you send you back, it's not a problem for me at all."

Then there was a silence and the question that Sonic really wanted to ask just came out of his mouth without the blue hedgehog even realizing it.

"D-do you want me to go back...?" Sonic asked.


"I mean... if you really think I'm just getting in your way and slowing you down hehheh... I could just go back to my world and stop being a nonsense."

This was the first time that Shadow was actually speechless after hearing what Sonic had to say.

'Is he... is he upset about how I described him to that zone cop?" Shadow frowned and at the same time hoped that that wasn't the case because it may not look like it, but Shadow didn't like if he was the cause of Sonic's sudden sadness.
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